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pantry set

Artikel-Nr: CH-TR SET,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Kitchen implements

                    The pantry set contains 4 pieces
                    The triangle barbecue tweezers is part of the pantry set 
                    The pantry set contains a cranked tweezers
                    One of the tools of the pantry set is the confectioner's spatula
                    The cranked spatula is a tool of the pantry set

The triangle® pantry set offers everything professional as well as amateur cooks need for a decorative serving. None of these 4 useful kitchen helpers of the pantry set must be missed by serving tasty meals.

The tools of the pantry set are made from stainless, high grade steel, the handles from high quality synthetic material. The 4-piece pantry set in noble box contains the following tools:

50 487 30 00 triangle barbecue tweezers
50 488 35 00 tweezers, cranked
72 519 12 00 Confectioner's spatula
73 530 12 00 cranked spatula

pantry set

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