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melon baller 25mm

Artikel-Nr: 72 015 25 00, length/dimension: 2.5 cm,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Kitchen implements

                    melon baller 25mm from Triangle
                    The melon baller 25mm is perfect for making little vegetables balls
                    The melon baller 25mm is made from easy-care material

The triangle® melon baller 25mm is the perfect tool to form small, bite-sized balls from melons, potatoes etc. In the hemisphere of the melon baller 25mm there is a small hole, so that the juice can drain.

The working part of the melon baller 25mm is made from stainless high-grade steel and the handle is made from black synthetic material. Like this, the melon baller 25mm is dishwasher safe. The so formed balls are perfectly suitable for decorating parma ham with fresh melon.

melon baller 25mm

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