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knife block Kyocera

Artikel-Nr: K BLOCK 4, length/dimension: 34x12.3x6.6 cm,
Brand: Kyocera, Selection: Knife block, Brand line: Accessories

                    Der Messerblock Kyocera Keramikmesser stehend macht sich in jeder Küche gut
                    knife block Kyocera made from trendy bamboo
                    Der Messerblock Kyocera Keramikmesser dient liegend auch als Schubladeneinsatz
                    Rolf Caviezel fan of the knife block Kyocera

With the knife block Kyocera the sharp ceramic knives are always ready to hand. At the same time the fine ceramic blades are optimally protected by the knife block Kyocera.

The knife block Kyocera made from bamboo accommodates up to four knives with blade length up to 21 cm and is also appropriate for steel knives. The knife block Kyocera can be placed on the work top, laid in a drawer or hanged on the wall.

The mesures of the knife block Kyocera are: length 34 cm x width 12.5 cm x height 6.5 cm

This knife block Kyocera is delivered without any knives; equipped with 4 white ceramic knives it is available as bamboo knife block and with 4 black ceramic knives as bamboo knife block Kyocera.

knife block Kyocera

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