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Carving set

Artikel-Nr: DMS-200, length/dimension: 20.0/16.5 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knife set, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Slicing knife

                    Carving set for carving
                    The carving set serves for cutting roasts
                    Carving set with carving knife and carving fork
                    Carving set in use in the kitchen
                    Carving set in block of ice at ZAGG 12

The two-piece carving set convinces by the mixture of harmony, minimalism and functionality. The carving set is as well a noble cutlery for carving and presenting at the table.

The carving set brings a whiff of far eastern cuisine into every kitchen: the elegant, slim and very sharp carving knife is made from the beautifully marked damask steel already well-known from all Kai Shun knives.

The carving knife grinded on both sides is especially appropriate for releasing bones as well as for the cutting of roasts and fowl. The meat fork is used to pick up and hold large joints by carving.


The carving set contains:

- Carving knife, DM-0703, 22 cm

- Carving fork, DM-0709, 16.5 cm

Carving set

CHF 399.00
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