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Chef's knife

Artikel-Nr: DM-0706, length/dimension: 20 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    Chef's knife cutting onions
                    Chef's knife in use
                    Chef's knife: the most important knife of the kitchen
                    Damascene cutler fabricating chef's knife
                    resharpening of a chef's knife
                    The chef's knife is appropriate for cutting vegetables and fruit

The chef's knife is the most important knife for the kitchen. Wheter for meat, fish or vegetables, the chef's knife is the most useful cutting tool.

Every chef's knife of the Shun series gets its individual character thanks to the refinement of the naturally beautiful damascene grain. Like this every chef's knife of is an unique - a work of art- made from the combination of handicraft, technique and design.


Purpose of the chef's knife
The chef's knife cuts everything that is prepared on the cutting board. The large and curved shape allows an effective and professional cutting technique, called weighing: The top of the blade stays on the board, then you lift the knife over the cutting products and cut them by pushing the knife forwards.

Tip: working like a pro
To ensure a professional handling of the chef's knife, you press the thumb oft he left hand (right handers) and the little finger together and curve the middle fingers. Like this the chef's knife can glide on their surface and allows like this a safer working.

Chef's knife

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