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slicing knife

Artikel-Nr: DM-0704, length/dimension: 23 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Shun, Knife shape: Slicing knife

                    Slicing knife cutting roast
                    Norman Hunziker with slicing knife
                    David Lanz with slicing knife
                    Kai damask slicing knife with sharp blade
                    Slicing knife in use with Thomas Bissegger
                    Blade with grain of the slicing knife 
                    Japanese cutler fabricating slicing knife

The slicing knife of the series Kai Shun possesses a long and slim blade and does like this not stick. The slicing knife cuts finely and neatly roasts or terrines.

Every slicing knife of the Kai Shun series gets its individual character thanks to the refinement of the naturally beautiful damascene grain. Like this every slicing knife of Kai is an unique - a work of art- made from the combination of handicraft, technique and design.

slicing knife

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