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knife sharpener

Artikel-Nr: AP-118SET, length/dimension: 13.8x11.1x10.5 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Sharpening technique, Brand line: Grinding

                    knife sharpener for grinding of steel knives
                    knife sharpener in use
                    cleaning of the knife sharpener
                    The knife sharpener is winner of " Stiftung Warentest"

The knife sharpener of Kai grinds with two ceramic grinding stones every steel knife. The knife sharpener convinces with its simple design.

The electric knife sharpener: Beautiful, compact product design, low weight (only 875 g) and newly developed grinding unit with two pairs of ceramic grinding stones are only a few specialties of the knife sharpener of Kai.

Technical information:

power supply: 230V / 50 Hz
current consumption: 60 Watt
temporary duty: 2 minutes
measure: 138 x 111 x 105
weight: 875g
grinding stone: Alundun
grain size: 120/180 which corresponds approximately to the result of a 800/1000 grinding stone

Polishing unit included

knife sharpener

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