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Kai dressmaker scissors

Artikel-Nr: 7250, length/dimension: 25.0 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Scissors, Brand line: Professional scissors

                    Kai dressmaker scissors with hard, stainless steel blade
                    Kai Schneideschere in der Herstellung
                    Kai Schneideschere bei der Prüfung
                    Kai Schneideschere in der Kai Produktion

The Kai dressmaker scissors is part of the series 7000 of Kai scissors. The Kai dressmaker scissors is made from AUS8A-high-grade-steel, which is stainless and very hard.

Thanks to the unique design of the Kai dressmaker scissors, up to 50% of manual force can be saved in comparison with ordinary forged shears. Like this an effortless working is made possible.

The blade and the handle of the Kai dressmaker scissors are forged from only one piece of steel and guarantee like this optimal balance by cutting. The newly developed duplex safety screw warrants long-lasting tension of the blade and soft motion of the Kai dressmaker scissors. Thanks to the ergonomic, padded grip made from elastomer soft synthetic material, the shears are comfortable to use and easy to handle.


Kai dressmaker scissors

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