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Wasabi bread knife

Artikel-Nr: 6723B, length/dimension: 23 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Wasabi, Knife shape: Bread knife

Thanks to the special wave cut of the Wasabi bread knife bread can be cut into fine slices. The Wasabi bread knife is made from stainless high-grade steel.

The Wasabi bread knife has a synthetic handle and a 23 cm long blade.

Tip for using the Wasabi bread knife

By cutting bread, it is important to exploit the whole length of the blade, so that the special wave cut can unfold its full potential. Please avoid to do zigzag movements, because they only tear the bread instead of cutting it. Like this crumbling can be minimized. Do always use a wooden or soft synthetic underlay in order to protect the bread knife.

Wasabi bread knife

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