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Knife grinding Kyocera & Kai

Besides smooth sales and distribution, CeCo ltd. emphasises a high-quality regrinding service. Here we recommend you a choice of the best authorised cutlers and regrinding centres in Switzerland. These guarantee a professional regrinding adapted to the top-quality products offered by CeCo ltd.

The new generation of Kyocera High-Tech ceramic knives offers newly a VOUCHER for 1 Free Re-sharpening in the value of CHF 28.-- on the back of the packaging. This VOUCHER is valid only for Switzerland – together with Japan and the US the first market of Europe offering this Free re-sharpening. Procedure: the Kyocera ceramic knife in original or protective carton package (no sample bag) has to be sent with the VOUCHER etiquette and complete return address with CHF 10.-- for return postage to the authorised regrinding centre:

Hansjörg Kilchenmann AG
Gundeldinger Feld Bau 4
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel

Tel. 061 261 08 77
- Free Re-sharpening only against Voucher and return postage CHF 10.--
- No liability for defective supplies
- This offer is invalid for ceramic knives from other brands;
  all other knives will be returned at your cost 

After 2 - 3 weeks you will get back your Kyocera High-Tech ceramic knife in original cutting quality and with eliminated  possible disruptions.

Further addresses for a high-quality regrinding service for the Kyocera High-Tech ceramic knives will be shown under Regrinding Service Locator by choosing a location after having chosen the brand Kyocera.

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                    Schleifservice Kai Messer

Also the high-value Shun knives from Kai ask for a high-quality regrinding service.

Authorised cutlers and regrinding centres assure grinded knives with excellent sharpness. Even badly scratched blade surfaces will be like new: regrinding and polishing create an extreme long-lasting sharpness; the optical surface finish and a special process accentuate the unique structure of each Shun knife. This professional regrinding service is granted e.g. by Elsener Messerschmied AG in Rapperswil, www.messerschmied.ch.

Further addresses will be shown under Grinding Service Locator by choosing a location after having chosen the brand Kai.