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Knife Academy: Workshop Knife sharpening

                    Gift voucher Knife Academy
                    Knife Academy: knife sharpening with electric knife sharpenerr
                    Knife Academy: knife sharpening with wet stone
                    Knife Academ: Schleifen mit Kai Schleifstein
                    Knife Academy: knife sharpening with leather strop

If the own weight of a knife does not cut a tomato anymore it is time the grind it. Often the know-how to grind the blade reasonably is lacking. As a distributor of knives and cutlery CeCo ltd. – world-of-knives offers with the Knife Academy a workshop to sharpen knives professionally. Knife specialist Michael Bach shows in some few, easy and useful steps the craftsmanship of traditional knife sharpening so that you can sharpen the blade of your own knife as sharp as a razor blade for long term.

Content Workshop Knife sharpening like a pro
• Correct and professional handling, care and maintenance of the knives
• Various sharpening tools and techniques (electric knife sharpener, grinding stone, sharpener or even leather strop)
• Sharpen your own 2 - 3 favorite kitchen knives as sharp as a razor blade

For being able to offer an individual and professional assistance the workshop is limited to max. 20 participants. Get in touch with us to reserve your seat and bring your own knives for sharpening. Grinding stones and accessories can be bought after the workshop.

Participation fee: CHF 50.— (a useful gift voucher)

Monday, September 9, 2019, 5 pm – 7 pm, CeCo ltd, Neuengasse 5, 2502 Biel
Monday, October 14, 2019, 5 pm – 7 pm, CeCo ltd, Neuengasse 5, 2502 Biel

Appointment: send your contact details with your required date by e-mail to contact@ceco.ch

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The sharp knife

The Knife Academy externally: On the occasion of the gusto festival in September 16 a skills course in knife handling and sharpening took place in Chuchilade in Solothurn headed by Michael Bach.