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Robert Herder care information

The blades of the Robert Herder Windmühle knives are very finely and thinly forged by the "Solingen microsection" procedure. The Robert Herder Windmühle knives should be treaten and sharpened right. These hints will help you to do so:

Wood caring
The lumbers from Germany and Europe need to be maintained. They are – due to the climate – not as densely sprout as tropic lumbers for example are and for that reason they do not have the same water resistance.

Do not leave the Windmühle knives with wooden handles and the cherrywood boards in dishwater. They are not dishwasher safe. The consequences could be the fading and the drying-up of the wood. We recommend to wash the Windmühle products with flowing water, holding the knife with the top of the blade facing downwards, so that the water does not damage the wooden handle.

The beautiful and incomparable grains and hues do especially show to advantage if some macadamia-lemon-wood-caring-oil is rubed in the wood from time to time. The macadamia oil permeates very quickly and groomes and protects the wood.

application notes for knives with the "Solingen microsection"