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Triangle kitchen tools

As indispensable kitchen tools for peeling, garnishing, decorating and carving the Triangle kitchen tools are appreciated by professionals as well as by privat cooks. These kitchen tools should not only lead to a tasty result but the user should also have fun by applying the tools and should be animated to cook.


In 1946 the founder of the company laid the foundations for a large product assortment of kitchen tools, which are still produced in Solingen, when he started the fabrication of rotary whisks of solid quality. n line with his slogan, "There's no alternative to functionality and quality", the product range was gradually expanded and successfully marketed over decades, usually under the famous brand names of their key producers. Since the markets and the manufacturing processes have decisively changed in recent years, the third generation of family owners decided to market the products made by the Hill company under their own trade name of triangle®. Under this label, consumers and the trade have access to a product range covering over 300 different kitchen utensils - marketed all over the world.

                    Kugelformer als triangle Küchenhelfer 
                    Julienne Hobel als triangle Küchenhelfer
                    Wiegemesser als triangle Küchenhelfer 
                    Austernöffner als triangle Küchenhelfer
                    Confieserie Palette als triangle Küchenhelfer