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Knife sharpening with sharpening stone

Knife sharpening: Before use the sharpening stone should be soaked in water for 5 to 10 minutes. On the surface of the sharpening stone there should always be a water film during the process of sharpening.

By one-way sharpened knives you should first lay the polished side of the blade on the grinding stone. Please mind that you allways keep the instructed angle. Now you can, as far as possible, grind the knife by holding it in an angle of 45° to the sharpening stone (so that you reach an larger contact surface). Grind with pressure by moving the knife to the blade and release the pressure while moving the knife away from the blade. This procedure is repeated in the same number of grinding passes. After having grinded the knife of the polished side, lay the concave polished sideit plainly on the sharpening stone and repeat the sharpening process as allready described but do only a 1/10 of the number of grinding passes you did on the polished side.  

Both-sided sharpened knives are sharpened the same way as one-way sharpened knives but you have to maintain an angle of ca. 15°. It is important that both sides are equally grinded, so that the blade can be symmetrically polished.

Video knife sharpening