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Care for Japanese Knives

The high quality Japanese Knives of KAI need to be maintained so that you take long-lasting pleasure in your Japanese Knife and its sharpness.


Useful hints:

• Do rinse your knife with hot water before using it the first time

• Do wash up the knife without aggressif rinsing agent after every use and dry it with a soft towel (do allways dry it from the back of the blade to the front).

• Especially aggressiv materials such as lemon juice shoud be washed of just after use

• Never put the knife into the dishwasher to avoid detriments of the material and the sharpness of the blade

• Do not use glass or granite slabs as cutting underlay. They would even ruin a blade made from the hardest steel.
Do only use wooden or synthetic cutting boards with medium regidity.

• Knives with a naturally wooden handle should not be left in the water for a long time. Do lubricate the grip from time to time with natural vagetable oil

• By storing your knives do keep avay the blade of other metallic subjects to avoid damages. Do store the knives in a knife block, in tray inserts or in a wooden sheath (for japanese blade forms)