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Swiss pocketknife

Artikel-Nr: ST-101W, length/dimension: 10 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Novelties, Clasp knife, Brand line: Pocketknife / Steak knife to go, Knife shape: Pocket knife

                    Swiss pocketknife unfolded made by sknife Biel
                    Swiss pocketknife with other variations damask and ash
                    Swiss pocketknife with case in noble packaging
                    Swiss pocketknife sketch made by sknife
                    Swiss pocketknife in production
                    Swiss pocketknife: stabilized ash and walnut wood

The Swiss pocketknife "steak knife to go" is shapely, simple and elegant. In addition, the Swiss pocketknife can be opened as easily as a feather: this is made possible by the worldwide unique slide bearing in high-tech ceramics.

As "steak knife to go", the Swiss pocketknife is made of surgical steel. This steel of the Swiss pocketknife with hardness 59 HRC has a four times higher corrosion resistance. As with all sknife knives, the finishing is carried out at the knife manufactory in Biel.

The purchase and carrying of the Swiss pocketknife are legally permitted in Switzerland, as it does not fall under the federal law on weapons (according to the official confirmation of the Federal Office of Police fedpol dated 5.6.19).

For orders from abroad for the Swiss pocketknife, it is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with the regulations in force in his country; we assume no responsibility for this.

Additional information on the Swiss pocketknife: www.sknife.com

Swiss pocketknife

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