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chef's knife Janus

Artikel-Nr: J5M1802013, length/dimension: 18 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Gifts for Him, Knives, Brand line: Janus, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    The chef's knife Janus is perfect for cutting and weighing
                    Cutting of the chef's knife Janus
                    Grinding of the chef's knife Janus
                    Wet-grinding of the chef's knife Janus
                    Sharpness test of the chef's knife Janus

The chef’s knife Janus offers the perfect feeling for cutting and weighing. The blade of the chef’s knife Janus is optimized by a DLC-coat (Diamond-like-carbon), which leads to enormous hardness and better adhesion strength.

The exquisite handle of the chef’s knife Janus made of European, up to 5000 years old marsh oak wood, which is quite light and allows an easy handling of the chef’s knife Janus. So it is a handmade masterpiece forged with many years of experience.

chef's knife Janus

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