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Exklusiv damask chef's knife

Artikel-Nr: EDSMS1802011, length/dimension: 18 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Custom Knife, Brand line: Damascus, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    The Exklusiv damask Chef's knife has a 400 layers blade.
                    Exklusiv damask chef's knife manufacture
                    Exklusiv damask chef's knife lifestyle
                    The Exklusiv damask chef's knife is manufactured by hand.
                    Nesmuk bat label for Exklusiv damask chef's knife 
                    Sealing of Exklusiv damask chef's knife

The Exclusiv damask chef’s knife is forged of 401 layers. The blade of the Exklusiv damask chef’s knife is reinforced by a cutting edge.

The cutting edge of the Exklusiv damask chef’s knife is made of high quality carbon steel, which appears under the wild damask. The Exklusiv damask chef’s knife reaches a Rockwell hardness of 64 HCR. The blade is connected to the handle of marsh oak by a silver thumbscrew in an aesthetic way. The European marsh oak is a subfossil wood, which is characterized by its lightness. The ergonomics of the grip of the Exklusiv damask chef’s knife is optimally adapted to the manageability, which allows working effortlessly. The Exklusiv damask chef’s knife really is a superlative knife, which combines highest precision and perfection.

Exklusiv damask chef's knife

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