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cutting board Nesmuk

Artikel-Nr: HSEG4352010, length/dimension: 43.5x30.5x4 cm,
Brand: Nesmuk, Selection: Cutting boards, Brand line: Cutting board

                    The cutting board Nesmuk is made of smoked oak wood.
                    Cutting board Nesmuk with logo plate

The cutting board Nesmuk is fabricated of high quality oak wood. Thanks to the classic and aesthetic design, the cutting board Nesmuk gives pleasure for a long time.

The cutting board Nesmuk is provided by two large recessed grips and a juice channel. Integrated rubber feet guarantee the slip resistance of the cutting board Nesmuk. The oak wood is originally from south Germany and is characterized by the fact, that it has a naturally antibacterial effect and an excellent hardness. The cutting board Nesmuk is smoked according to an old tradition. The cutting board Nesmuk is completed by the treatment with linseed oil and beeswax and gets like this a silky shine.

The dimensions of the cutting board Nesmuk are: 43.5 x 30.5 x 4 cm

cutting board Nesmuk

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