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Caminada knife block

Artikel-Nr: AC-M, length/dimension: 29x14x14 cm,
Brand: Caminada Messer, Selection: Bestseller, Knife block, Brand line: Walnut Series

                    The Caminada knife block is made from walnut wood
                    Caminada knife block with logo of Andreas Caminada
                    The Caminada knife block is suitable for the Caminada knives

The non stocked Caminada knife block has been developed by Andreas Caminada and the manufacture Güde in Solingen. The Caminada knife block is the ideal place to store the Caminada knives.

Thanks to the collaboration of the chef cook and the German manufacture, the whole series, especially the Caminada knife block, fully completes the demands on quality and philosophy of the star cook with 3 Michelin stars. He realizes his talent in the kitchen of the restaurant Schauenstein in Fürstenau.

Caminada knife block

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