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barbecue accessory

Artikel-Nr: G 461 B, length/dimension: 46 cm,
Brand: Grillen, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Zetzsche Barbecue tongs

                    The barbecue accessory of Zetzsche is available in different sizes
                    The barbecue accessory of Zetzsche is made from high quality beech wood
                    The barbecue tongs is a barbecue accessory of Zetzsche

The barbecue tongs is one of the most important barbecue accessory. As barbecue accessory, the barbecue tongs of Zetzsche, which is made from high quality beech wood, can ideally be used for barbecues.

The handmade barbecue accessory is suitable for cooking with the wok, for frying in sensitive, non-stick frying pans or as serving tongs. The 46cm long barbecue tongs possesses an ergonomic wave for the fingers and a thumb recess which lead to good manageability. This barbecue accessory made from beech wood is antibacterial, reason why it only needs to be cleaned with rinsing agent. The end of the tongs is screwed and glued. This barbecue accessory has been oiled with linseed oil, so that is insensitive to marinades, fats or similar materials.

barbecue accessory

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