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fruit spoon

Artikel-Nr: 72 820 60 02,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Kitchen implements

                    fruit spoon practical for pumpkin
                    hollowing out a pumpkin with the fruit spoon
                    fruit spoon of triangle with frosted surface
                    The fruit spoon spoons out a melon
                    The fruit spoon is a useful kitchen helper
                    fruit spoon in use

This triangle® fruit spoon is large and deep and is especially suitable to spoon up fruit and vegetables. The frosted surface of the work part of the fruit spoon prevents sticking of the pulp.

This fruit spoon can also be used as ice-cream scoop. The work part of the fruit spoon is made from stainless high grade steel and the handle is made from high quality, black, synthetic material. Like this, the spoon is dishwasher safe.

dimensions of the fruit spoon: 7 x 4,2 cm, total length: 18 cm

fruit spoon

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