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julienne set

Artikel-Nr: 72 094 03 02,
Brand: Triangle, Selection: Kitchen utensils, Brand line: Kitchen implements

                    The julienne set is suitable for many types of vegetables
                    The julienne set is practical for vegetables
                    The julienne set with plane and three exchangeable blades
                    The julienne set is the perfect tool for a quick and easy working

The three-piece triangle® julienne set is composed by a julienne plane with 3 different, exchangeable blades. The julienne set is suitable for all tough types of vegetables, such as zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, aubergines, radishes, celery and potatoes.

The blades of the julienne set (3 + 6 mm for spaghetti-shaped, thin and large stripes, 4,5mm for slices) glide without effort through the vegetables. The tools of the julienne set are made from stainless high quality steel and dishwasher safe.

julienne set

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