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junior knife

Artikel-Nr: TMJ-1000, length/dimension: 11 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Knives, Brand line: Tim Mälzer children's knife, Knife shape: Chef's knife

                    Kai Tim Mälzer Kindermesser auf Kai Hackblock
                    Junior knife of the series Tim Mälzer
                    The junior knife is especially suitable for children
                    Junior knife with serrated blade and finger protection
                    Junior knife with ergonomic handle for small hands
                    The junior knife is delivered in a special box

Thanks to its anti-slip, ergonomic handle the junior knife is especially easy to handle, also for small hands. The junior knife is suitable for children older than six years.

The junior knife has been developed by Tim Mälzer together with the Japanese knives specialist Kai. It is produced for children who are older than six years and supports their learning process for a good handling of professional kitchen tools.

The stainless steel blade of the junior knife has a serrated edge, what supports the intuitive cutting technique (= sewing movements) of children and minimizes their effort and the danger of slipping. Moreover, the blade has a rounded top so that the risk of injuries can be reduced. The protection is completed by a finger protection, which is added to the junior knife set.

junior knife

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