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Spatulas turn over fried food and spread, lift and cut cakes. If flexible, straight, angulated, if spatulas or confiserie spatulas, if spattles or cake knives - these kitchen helpers are indispensable for kitchen and household.

triangle® turner
Spatulas, triangle® turner
spreading spatula
Spatulas, spreading spatula
angulated confectioner's ...
Spatulas, angulated confectioner's spatula
large spatula
Spatulas, large spatula
cranked spatula 12 cm
Spatulas, cranked spatula 12 cm
angulated, 20cm long spat...
Spatulas, angulated, 20cm long spatula
triangle® scraper
Spatulas, triangle® scraper
confectioner's spatula
Spatulas, confectioner's spatula
20 cm long spatula
Spatulas, 20 cm long spatula
25 cm long spatula
Spatulas, 25 cm long spatula
cranked spatula
Spatulas, cranked spatula
triangle spatula
Spatulas, triangle spatula
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