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Caminada knives

The Caminada knives have been created by collaboration of Andreas Caminada and the manufacture Güde in Solingen. So, the Caminada knives are perfectly adapted to the wishes and the needs of Andreas Caminada and they correspond to his philosophy. At only 33,  Andreas Caminada has received three Michelin stars and 19 GaultMillau points. He cooks for his guests from all over the world at the castle restaurant Schauenstein in Fürstenau.

Caminada Santoku
Caminada knives, Caminada Santoku
Caminada damask knife
Caminada knives, Caminada damask knife
Caminada steak knife set
Caminada knives, Caminada steak knife set
steak knife Caminada
Caminada knives, steak knife Caminada
equiped knife block Camin...
Caminada knives, equiped knife block Caminada
Caminada bread knife
Caminada knives, Caminada bread knife
serrated steak knife Cami...
Caminada knives, serrated steak knife Caminada
Caminada bread knife ash ...
Caminada knives, Caminada bread knife ash black
Caminada serrated steak k...
Caminada knives, Caminada serrated steak knife
sheath of walnut wood of ...
Caminada knives, sheath of walnut wood of the Grisons
Caminada Santoku with woo...
Caminada knives, Caminada Santoku with wooden sheath
Caminada knife set with w...
Caminada knives, Caminada knife set with wooden sheaths
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