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Caminada pantry set

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Brand: Caminada Messer, Article category: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Ash Series

Four-piece Caminada pantry set in noble gift box

The 4-piece Caminada pantry set is the ideal gift for every professional or amateur cook or confectioner. It is a beautiful completion to the range of goods of Caminada. The Caminada pantry set offers the perfect tools for kitchen tasks, which demand fine feeling.

The Caminada pantry set has been designed in collaboration with Andreas Caminada, winner of several awards and chef cook. This set is composed by two Triangle confectioner's spatulas of 23 and 26 cm as well as the Triangle tweezers (one cranked and one straight) of 21 cm each. These four products are delivered in a gift box, engraved by the Caminada logo.

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Caminada pantry set

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