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knife block Wasabi

Artikel-Nr: K BLOCK 4 WASABI,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Knife block, Brand line: Wasabi

knife block Wasabi with 4 Wasabi steel knives
knife block Wasabi with 4 Wasabi steel knives

Thanks to the knife block Wasabi, the sharp Wasabi knives with blade length up to 21 cm are always ready to hand. Furthermore, the fine stainless, high-grade steel blades are optimally protected by the knife block Wasabi.

The knife block Wasabi is equipped with the following 4 Wasabi knives:

- 6710P Wasabi knife, blade:10 cm
- 6715U Wasabi utility knife, blade: 15 cm
- 6716N Wasabi Nakiri,  blade: 16,5 cm
- 6716S Wasabi Santoku, blade: 16,5 cm

The knife block Wasabi can be placed on the worktop , set in the drawers or hanged on the wall.

The mesures of the knife block Wasabi are: length 34 cm x width 12.5 cm x height 6.5 cm

The knife block Kyocera can also be delivered without knives.

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knife block Wasabi

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