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                    Rolf Caviezel ist Botschafter der Kyocera High-Tech Keramikmesser
                    Freestyle Cooking GmbH Gründer Rolf Caviezel's Molekularkreationen 
                    Rolf Caviezel ist passionierter Molekularkoch
                    Rolf Caviezel mit der Kochnati am Einweihungsfest welt-der-messer
                    Rolf Caviezel in Action in der Molekularküche
                    Rolf Caviezel schätzt Geschmacksneutralität bei Keramikmessern

Kyocera & Rolf Caviezel - molecularly cook Freestyle cooking

Molcularly cook Rolf Caviezel is a passionate player of the gastronomic scene. After a carreer in traditionnal cooking, Rolf Caviezel discovered the molecularly cooking, which combines, in his opinion, the art of cooking with the pleasure of experimentation. Since 2008 he is independant with his company freestyle cooking and combines sciences with cooking and sets new trends in molecularly cooking, which concerns the composition of materials. The aims of molecularly cooking are the analyse of classic cooking and the promotion of gastronomic culture - to invent new dishes or to serve food in a new way.


Rolf Caviezel appreciates the Kyocera ceramic knives because of their taste neutrality and their long-lasting sharpness.