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Whick knife has which function?

The videos of the classy smithy Kai show various uses of the different forms of knives and give an introduction and instruction to the regrinding with a japanese whetstone. 

Which knife for which task?

Professional cooks normally get by with three or four knives: One chef's knife or one Santoku, the more handy version, does up to 70% of the work. The basic knife can be apended by a long, slim carving or fillet knife, a utility knife, a bread or a cheese knife. You'll find the different shapes of knives and a detailed description on our website by choosing the filter knife shapes (e.g. Santoku).


Hints for cutting technique

Thanks to the balanced manageability and the extreme sharpness, the Santoku is not only one of the favourite knives of cooking professionals but is also a good knife for beginners in professional ligue. The longer you tear or push the knife through the food, the less force you need. For good stability, we recommend to devide round things in halfs. Press the thum on the little finger, the three middle fingers are slightly bent, so that the knife can glide over their surface.

Operation, care, storage, resharpening

As cutting boards middle hard synthetic or wooden boards are suitable. Turn the knife to the back and run the blunt side of the knife over the board to collect the cut food or to put it into the pan. After use, wash the knife with running water (no dishwasher!). Other information concerning the care or resharpening of knives is published on our website on the page brand environments beneath the respective brand. Here you'll find different storing ideas.