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Tsukasa Japanese chef's knives

The Tsukasa Japanese chef's knives are said to be the "Grande Complication" of the manual art of forging. The Tsukasa Japanese chef's knives are from the first forging stroke to the last manual operations of the handle setting up fabricated in highest quality completely by the cutler Tsukasa Hinoura in Japan. Tsukasa Hinoura, cutler of the third generation, is a real gem of the Japanese smithy handicraft; one of his damascene knives with forged handle in the shape of bamboo won the first prize of the most famous outdoor knife show in Japan. The speciality of these knives is that they are from the first to the last step fabricated by himself in the Warikomi-technique. Hinoura-san is the only one who uses a torsion and a layer damask which are forged to a beautiful, expressiv damask pattern. Japanese chef's knives of Hinoura are classified as rarities for collectors.