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Nesmuk - exclusive, professional penknives

The Nesmuk professional penknives combine tradition, artisanal precision and uncompromising fonctionnality. These professional penknives are fabricated according to new materials technologies, perfect blade geometry and a lot of attention to detail.

The range of products of Nesmuk compromises the handmade full damask knives of the series EXKLUSIV, JANUS, SOUL and the new penknife series. This product range is completed by high quality knife blocks, cutting boards and grinding techniques.

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Fascination of the art of forging

The rustproof top-class steel, wich is used for the fabrication of the Nesmuk products, reaches a hardness of 61 HRC and has a fine metallic structure, which is created by a new alloy of niobium. Like this, evere Nesmuk knive is characterized by excellent and longlasting sharpness. These qualities are even optimized for the knives of the series JANUS, which are refined by a DLC-coat (diamond-like-carbon).

The artisanal masterpiece is the fully damask knife: the blade is made of 400 layers of steel with a hardness of 62 HRC. The thumbscrew is made of silver.

International Award
The Nesmuk knives have been awarded by the IWA, the international knife award, for the best design.

Respect – The Nesmuk Print Campaign
The idea behind it: industrial livestock farming, factory farming, mass production – quantity instead of quality. It is about time that we treat our food with the respect that it deserves. Starting with the production of food and lasts from processing to consumption. Good chefs have respect for food and work with utmost care and dedication. Respect is also reflected through the high level of craftsmanship, quality and sharpness of the Nesmuk knives.

Nesmuk damascus steel