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Ceramic knives

The triumphal procession of the ceramic knives of Kyocera began in Japan: highest cutting quality and taste neutrality of the ceramic knives is indispensable for the dexterity of Japanese cooks; those are characteristics who also elate more and more European consumers.

                    Kyocera Shin series of the 4th generation
                    Fuji Chef's ceramic knife
                    Ceramic knife with white blade
                    Ceramic slicer 
                    Kyocera elektrische Salz- und Pfeffermuehle
                    Voucher for a free of charge grinding

High-tech ceramic knife of the 4th generation with higher hardness
The extreme light Shin ceramic knives of the 4th generation retain their sharpness twice as long than other Kyocera ceramic blades thanks to a new innovative manufacturing process.

Ceramic knives of the 3rd generation are already break-proof

The 3rd generation of ceramic knives is thanks to the nanotechnology, worldwide exclusively used by Kyocera, much more break-proof than before. The video above shows a knife test simulating a es a fall from a hight of 1 meter. Tested Kyocera knives endured over 100'000 charges.

High-Tech ceramic - Fascination of a material
Basic material of the blade made from high-tech ceramic is absolutely pure nanograded zirkonia powder. The powder is pressed whith a pressure of 1500 bar into a form and afterwards sintered by a temperature of 1500° C. Like this the material acquires its unique characteristiques like special hardness, high resistance and biocompatibility. Thanks to the lightly flexible blades the risk of breakage of high-tech ceramic knives is reduced to nearly 0.

Longlasting sharpness
In opposition to steel knives, who need to be resharpened after a short time, the Kyocera knives keep their sharpness for years. In case that the high-tech ceramic knife would lose his sharpness after many years, it can be resharpened by an authorised resharpening center in Switzerland with special grinding discs.