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Michael Bach

Michael Bach is the founder, President of the Board and Manager of CeCo ltd. As a family man with three children he keeps the necessary spontaneity and flexibility and is always open to new ideas and methods. Apart from being a trained draftsman, Michael Bach is also a Certified Ceramics Engineer, Certified Economics Engineer and Certified Logistician.

Marketing specialist

Practical knowledge of marketing on an international basis was gained during his many years as Product Management Director for the Rado watch company. The marketing of High-Tech ceramics knives injects even more dynamism into the consulting activities and means that a fine sense of current market tendencies and trends is there where it is needed.

Michael Bach's capacity for innovation is well documented by two awards for technological innovation from the "Technologiestandort Schweiz" in Switzerland, thirteen patents and the entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the world's hardest watch.

Michael Bach contributed substantially to the design of several successful Rado watches. Some of these products were honored by international design awards: iF, Hanover (Germany), reddot (Germany), Good Design Award (USA), Good Design (Japan). He continues to have excellent contacts with international designers.

The latest knowledge about innovation processes is available for consulting activities through active collaboration with the Swiss state-promoted KTI-Innopro projects (innovation methods in the early phase of projects) as well as PEC (Perceived Emotional Content) with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich and the University of Design and Art in Zürich.

Widely based expertise in the area of construction comes from formal training as a draftsman and many years of close collaboration with ultra-modern construction departments in the watch trade.

Material specialist
Training as a Certified Ceramics Engineer, three years of practical production experience and the development of the ultra-modern CIM (Ceramics Injection Molding) process and other new technologies are the basis for a well-founded knowledge of materials. Thanks to good contacts with leading institutes, firms and universities in the field of High-Tech ceramics and diamond technology, this knowledge can be kept constantly up to date.

Sound knowledge of logistics is the result of the successful completion of a postgraduate course in logistics, as well as practical experience in supply chain management.

Portrait Michael Bach