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utility knife

The utility knife is a classic allrounder with a pointed blade. The utility knife cuts vegetables, fruit, small pieces of meat and fish.

Shin utility knife
utility knife, Shin utility knife
Shun White Utility Knife
utility knife, Shun White Utility Knife
Güde universal knife
utility knife, Güde universal knife
Kyocera japan utility knife
utility knife, Kyocera japan utility knife
ceramic universal knife
utility knife, ceramic universal knife
utility knife Red Wood
utility knife, utility knife Red Wood
Kleines Kochmesser
utility knife, Kleines Kochmesser
Shoso Utility Knife
utility knife, Shoso Utility Knife
Fuji Utility knife
utility knife, Fuji Utility knife
ceramic vegetable knife
utility knife, ceramic vegetable knife
green utility knife
utility knife, green utility knife
Kyocera vegetable knife
utility knife, Kyocera vegetable knife
Wasabi knife
utility knife, Wasabi knife
Michel Bras carving knife
utility knife, Michel Bras carving knife
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utility knife, Allzweckmesser verzahnt

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