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Güde knives

The manufacture Güde knives besinks itself in the 4th generation of the original shapes of kitchen knives. Forged from only one piece of steel Güde knives are grinded by hand to uncompromising, artisanal quality.

Synchros Chef's knife
Güde knives, Synchros Chef's knife
The Knife Kochmesser
Güde knives, The Knife Kochmesser
lardoning knife olive
Güde knives, lardoning knife olive
Güde steak knife Rustico
Güde knives, Güde steak knife Rustico
Synchros bread knife
Güde knives, Synchros bread knife
Güde knife holder set
Güde knives, Güde knife holder set
Güde Steakmesser
Güde knives, Güde Steakmesser
knife holder set oak
Güde knives, knife holder set oak
chef's knife olive
Güde knives, chef's knife olive
slicing knife olive
Güde knives, slicing knife olive
Güde Chinese chef's knife
Güde knives, Güde Chinese chef's knife
Güde universal knife
Güde knives, Güde universal knife
lardoning knife Alpha
Güde knives, lardoning knife Alpha

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