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Sharpening Steel Olive

Artikel-Nr: X055/26, length/dimension: 26 cm,
Brand: Güde, Selection: Sale 20%, Brand line: Olive series

With the sharpening steel Olive you keep your Güde knives sharp for a long time. The finely polished handle of the sharpening steel Olive is made of sturdy olive wood. The grain makes every steel look unique.

Application tips for the sharpening steel Olive:

Right-handed people should take the sharpening steel Olive in the left hand and the knife in the right hand (left-handed vice versa) and deduct both sides of the blade over the full length about 10 times at an angle of about 15 °. With little practice, the whetting is easy from the hand and the knives are always sharp when used regularly and thus ready for use.

Sharpening Steel Olive

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