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Knife block design Saddle

Artikel-Nr: SGS1, length/dimension: 47x13x27 cm,
Brand: Kai, Selection: Sale 20%, Knife block, Brand line: Storing

                    Knife block design Saddle with Kai Shun knife
                    Cutting board of knife block design Saddle

The knife block design accommodates up to 8 knives. The knife block design Saddle is made from polished aluminium and saddle leather. Thanks to the saddle shape of the base body, the knife block design Saddle accommodates also one or several cutting boards.

The leather of the knife block design Saddle is supposed to contract traces of use so that it gains in individuality. The special design of the knife block design Saddle is completed by the cutting board made from walnut, oak wood, maple wood and cherry wood.

Knife block design Saddle

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