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magnetic strip walnut

Artikel-Nr: SML-W, length/dimension: 50x15x3 cm,
Brand: sknife, Selection: Kitchen accessories, Brand line: Magnetic strip

                    Magnetic strip walnut – with one-sided wood wane
                    Magnetic strip walnut – space for up to 7 knives
                    Magnetic strip walnut – made of local walnut wood
                    Magnetic strip walnut – extendable at any time
                    Magnetic strip walnut – at Christoph Hunzikger, Schüpbärg-Beizli

The magnetic strip walnut from sknife is made in Switzerland of local walnut wood. The magnetic strip walnut with the one-sided wood wane highlights perfectly the high quality knives.

The magnetic strip walnut holds 7 knives thanks to the hidden magnets. The magnetic strip walnut is 52cm long, approx. 15cm large and 3cm thick. The magnetic strip is extendable with additional strips (with the wood structure that suits) at any time.

More information regarding the brand: www.sknife.com 

magnetic strip walnut

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