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The professional knives of celebrety chefs

The knife is the most important tool of a cook. Very often they are bought with the first money earned after the apprenticeship and stay in use during the entire working life. No celebrety chef would ever give it away voluntarily - The knife is the sanctum of the kitchen, because chefs only cut with blades of ultra high quality.

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Philippe Chevrier, Steakhouse Gene...

Tanja Grandits, Stucki Basel

Reto Mathis, food affairs St. Mori...

Franck Reynaud, Hostellerie du pas...

Arno Sgier, Traube Trimbach

Swiss Hotel Management Academy, Lu...

Ron Fischer, Arcade Biel

Patoro La Cocina, Olten

Ermitage, Schönried

R. & D. Miggiano, Löwen Bubikon

Markus Gass, Adler Hurden

Rolex Management restaurant, Biel



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