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Engraving/Gift boxes

A knife with engraved* blade or handle represents the value of a personal dedication. Like this the engraved knife is, thanks to the special personalization, an especially fancy and beautiful possibility to give pleasure to somebody - whether you give it as personal present to your godson, as promotional gift or as incentive for your promotion.

If the knife is additionnally presented in a noble wooden or cardboard gift box it is really an exclusive master piece. From a quantity ordered of 10pce on, the logo can also be engraved or printed on the box.

The date of delivery for these personalized possibilities adds up from 24 hours for name- gravure to ca. 7 days for logo-gravure.

Other fonts, signatures or logos, handle engraving or wooden or cardboard box engraving on request: Tel. +41 (0)32 322 97 55 or contact@ceco.ch.

*standard engraving by laser: first and last name, font: Arial-Helvetica, bold, font size: ca. 3.5 mm



Videos laser engraving on knife & box