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awards ceremony marmite youngster 2013

The marmite youngster 2013 has been chosen! Congratulations to Marco Böhler, Souchef of the restaurant Stucki in Basel. Pascal Steffen of the Park Hotel Vitznau reached the 2nd place of the marmite youngster selection and Thomas Bissegger, Souchef of the Hotel & Gastro Formation Weggis takes the 3rd place.

marmite youngster selection

Marmite, periodical for table and dining culture, created in 2011 a new award for young cooks in Switzerland. At the moment the search for the marmite youngster 2013 is running. The marmite youngster selection stands for the 50 best cooking talents of Switzerland. One of the allready known 10 finalists is Thomas Bissegger from Lucerne, who reached the 12th  place at the marmite youngster selection 2012. Now he is one of the first in line with his dessert. On the 18th of  september 2012 he will, with the other 9 finalists, get a Shun Premier Santoku.

Thomas Bissegger marmite youngster finalist
Thomas Bissegger marmite youngster finalist