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Windmühlen knives

The Windmühlen knives from Solingen have made a name for themselves with the credo "good knives are handmade". The Windmühlen knives are fabricated according to the procedure of the " Solingen microsection": The blades of the Windmühlen knives are thin grinded with a highly applied sharpening angle and taper slightly to the cutting edge. The "Blaupliessten" by hand is in the traditional Manufacture Robert Herder Solingen sharpening handicraft the finest treatment of the blade surface. It can be reconized by the blue or rainbow-colored glint.

Actual themes about Windmühle knives

The "Uniques from tradition" of the manufacture Windmühle, which already have been awarded by various design awards, are selected knives with sophisticated shapes of the blades and traditionnal manual treating. Every piece of the olive wood series and the plum wood series is grinded by hand, elaborated down to the last detail and adjusted, oiled and polished.