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Kai knives

Kai knives is leader in the domain of high-quality damascene steel knives. All Kai knives of the Shun professional series are manufactured of a newly developped, stainless damascene steel with 32 layers. The inner layer consists of VG MAX steel. This steel is most resistant to corrosion, extremely hard (61±1 HRC, 1,0 % carbon, 1,5 % cobalt) and makes the blade incomparably and permanently sharp.

The Kai Shun kitchen knife serie belongs to the most extensive damascene knife series world wide and finds the approval of the elite chefs and hobby cooks.

As Partner and Supplier of the Swiss Culinary Junior National Team and the Swiss Culinary National Team, Kai supports the engagement of these top cooks and provides them with Shun knives the appropriate instruments to indulge their culinary passion.

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