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Ecoboards cutting boards

Every Ecoboards cutting board is a handmade unique of laurel camphor wood. The natural camphor oil gives a fresh fragrance to the hygienic Ecoboards cutting board. Moreover, the natural concentration of the camphor oil has an antibacterial effect and destroys like this germs, fungus and bacteries. The average life expectancy of these hygienic cutting boards amounts to over 10 years in a professional use and is even many times higher for private use.

No more blunt knives: Laurel camphor wood is the ideal cutting base for high quality kitchen knives. It is soft enough, so that the blades do not get blunt, but hard enough to avoid that the knife penetrates and leads like this to early wear.

The laurel camphor tree has been imported to Australia by Asian immigrants at the turn of the century. Since then, it is appreciated as shady tree. Camphor wood isn't wood from the rainforest and it's stand is not in danger! In Australia, the wood is used since many years for the fabrication of hygienic cutting boards. Forced back in the mean time by glass and synthetic products, the beauty and the value of the natural wood are appreciated nowadays. For the fabrication of the Ecoboards cutting board, the Australian manufacture uses only selected, seasoned wood.

Hint: The fresh fragrance of the camphor oil is not transmitted to the food if you rub the boeard with a towel before using it. But: Neither does the board take the fragrances of food like e.g. onions.