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Caminada knives

Andreas Caminada lives out his dream: " To design my own favourite knives who correspond to my philosophy and my form language, that has allways been my dream. " So, he created his own, hand-forged Caminada knife at the manufacture Güde.

The Caminada knives of forged Solingen steel have a handle of walnut wood from the "Prättigau" and guarantee good haptics and a perfect knife guide. The basic knife has a newly developed knife shape is similar to the well liked Japanese Santoku. Grinded a little bit thinner and with more sweep, the knife is perfectly suitable for weighing. The bread knife is especially made for food with delicate textures.

The Caminada damask knives are forged of one piece of "wild damask" and are composed of hard and soft layers of steel, which are alloyed by hand in a repeated process to a blade of 160 layers. The handle is made of 2000 years old yew wood also coming from the Prättigau.

This collection of master pieces is rounded off by the natural grinding stone "Belgischer Brocken", the walnut knife block and the walnut cutting board.