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Noble cutlery in highest quality: cutlery in high-grade steel, silver or chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel, refined and with handles made from different types of wood.

Windmühle steak fork
Cutlery, Windmühle steak fork
Michel Bras steak knife
Cutlery, Michel Bras steak knife
Michel Bras cutlery
Cutlery, Michel Bras cutlery
Eichenlaub cutlery walnut...
Cutlery, Eichenlaub cutlery walnut
Kai Shun Premier fork set...
Cutlery, Kai Shun Premier fork set
steak fork
Cutlery, steak fork
WM Steak Set, 2 pcs, POM
Cutlery, WM Steak Set, 2 pcs, POM
Güde fork
Cutlery, Güde fork
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