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Kai hair scissors

Artikel-Nr: EC-55 OS, length/dimension: 13.90 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Scissors, Brand line: Beauty Care

High quality Kai hair scissors of Kasho

These Kai hair scissors are made by Kasho, who is known in all over the world for its hair scissors of high quality. The Kai hair scissors of the Excelia series with their ergonomic curved shape are especially designed for junior stylists but it is also suitable for privat use. The stainless 440C steel blades stay longlastingly sharp. With the curved shape and the comfortable handle, the Kai hair scissors allows working comfortably; even for a long time. The semi-convex edge and the classic Japanese hollow grinding guarantee a clean cut.

The length of the Kai hair scissors is 5.5". The pan head screw can be adjusted by means of the enclosed spanner.

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Kai hair scissors

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