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Nakiri composite

Artikel-Nr: MGC-0428, length/dimension: 16.50 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Knives, Brand line: Seki Magoroku Composite, Knife shape: Nakiri

Nakiri composite with special blade made from very hard steel

The Nakiri composite of the innovative series Seki Magoroku has a double-edged blade. The blade of the Nakiri composite combines two different kinds of steel, by what is created a fascinating contrast.

The high gloss polished blade of the Nakiri composite is made from VG-10 steel which has a hardness of 61±1 HRC. The satined back of the blade is made from SUS420J2 steel.

The systems engineering used for the composition of the blade of the Nakiri composite is based on a new technology developed by aircraft industry and allows high solidity and extreme precision.

Nakiri composite

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