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Shi Hou Santoku

Artikel-Nr: BZ-0024, length/dimension: 19 cm,
Brand: Kai, Article category: Custom Knife, Brand line: Shi Hou, Knife shape: Santoku

Shi Hou Santoku - noble limited edition

The Shi Hou Santoku is fabricated in Japan by master's hand. Over 100 work steps need to be accomplished to produce the Shi Hou Santoku.

The handle of the Shi Hou Santoku has the shape of an octagon, which is one of the characteristics of a Japanese knife of high quality. The grip of the Shi Hou Santoku is made from Bombay Black wood, which is one of the 3 lumbers used for hundreds of years for the fabrication of Buddhist altars.

The blade of the Shi Hou Santoku is made from 64 layers of steel and its inner layer is made from SG2 steel of a hardness of 64+/- 1 HRC.

Shi Hou Santoku

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